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From standard essential fertilizer and feed products to value-added solutions

We manufacture high-quality nitrogen, phosphate, potash and complex fertilizers as well as nutrient-rich feed products. Our premium products are engineered to keep their properties longer, guaranteeing an optimal supply of nutrients to plants throughout all growth phases.

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Our Product Families

  • Compounds Advanced compounds for high efficiency on specific requirements.

    Our advanced line of compound fertilizers is designed to improve nutrients efficiency for plant’s specific conditions. Industry leading quality and uniformity, ensures better product consistency during transportation, handling and application. All nutrients are each granule to allow for even application and avoid segregation.

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    Granulated mineral fertilizer, which combines nitrogen in ammonium and ureic form and sulfur in sulfate form in one homogenous hard granule. UAS is available in two formulations, making it a universal choice for most conventional crops with a high nitrogen and sulfur demand. Produced by Novomoskovskiy Azot, Russia.

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    Balanced nitrogen-phosphate starter fertilizer with sulfur. Sulfate and elemental forms of sulfur ensure rapid uptake and longer-term availability of nitrogen. Produced at Lifosa, Lithuania.

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    Nitrogen & Potassium scientifically combined in one granule. Nitrogen is present in both ammonia and nitrate forms, ensuring fast, stable and effective plant uptake, while Potassium is totally soluble and fully available for plants. Non-oxidizing, non-combustible and explosion-proof. Produced in Russia by Nevinnomysskiy Azot.

  • Essentials Full range of world’s most popular nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sources.

    Our essential plant nutrition products represent effective and reliable nutrient sources to promote healthy crop growth and yield. Produced at our plants in Russia and Europe, these products can be shipped to almost any location, bagged or bulk.

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    Urea (granular and prilled)

    With a nitrogen content of 46,2%, urea has the highest concentration of nutrients of all nitrogen fertilizers. We produce granular and prilled forms of urea at our plants in Russia, Nevinnomysskiy Azot and Novomoskovskiy Azot.

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    High-efficiency, concentrated nitrogen source (34.4% N) for agricultural and industrial use, produced in Russia at Novomoskovskiy Azot and Nevinnomysskiy Azot.

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    Highly efficient granular fertilizer with 27% of nitrogen that guarantees the secure supply of plants with nitrogen. Produced at EuroChem Antwerp, Belgium, and at Novomoskovskiy Azot, Russia.

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    With 32% of nitrogen equally split between nitrate, ammonum and ureic forms of N, this liquid solution delivers high levels of nitrogen with additional benefits for easy application through the soil and foliage. Produced in Russia at Novomoskovskiy Azot and Nevinnomysskiy Azot.

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    AS (coarse and fine)

    Source of ammonium nitrogen (21%) and sulfate sulfur (24%) for universal use.

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    With 26% of nitrogen and 13% of sulfur, this granular mineral fertilizer securely supplies crops with nitrogen and sulfur. Produced at Antwerp facility in Belgium.

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    Compound nitrogen-phosphoric fertilizer (20-20) with additional sulfur for higher efficiency. Produced at EuroChem Antwerp, Belgium, and at Belorechenskie Minudobreniya, Russia.

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    Universal granular phosphate-nitrogen fertilizer, especially useful for crops with high P requirements. We produce MAP at our plants in Russia, Phosphorit and Belorechenskiye Minudobreniya, as well as in Lithuania, Lifosa.

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    Light brown, granular phosphate-nitrogen fertilizer for broad P application, produced at Phosphorit, Russia, and Lifosa, Lithuania.

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    MOP (granular and standard)

    The most popular source of potassium globally, offered in both granular and standard forms. Produced in Russia at Usolskiy and VolgaKaliy.

  • Complex NPKs Complex granular NPKs for balanced plant nutrition.

    Our compound NPKs are designed to provide essential macronutrients in one granule to ensure healthy plant growth. All nutrients in one granule, precisely adjusted to crop specific needs. Excellent granulation for easy storage and even application

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    MOP-based NPK

    Our NPK products are designed to provide high-quality and complete plant nutrition combining all the nutrients necessary for healthy plant growth. The nutrient formulas are adjusted precisely to the requirements of different crops, crop rotations, and cultivation systems. Produced in Belgium by EuroChem Antwerp and in Russia by Nevinnomysskiy Azot.

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    SOP-based NPK

    All nutrients in one granule. The SOP based NPK formulas have been especially engineered for chloride sensitive crops. A chloride content of less than 2% prevents chlorine-related losses in growth and quality. Produced in Belgium by EuroChem Antwerp.

  • Inhibited Inhibited nitrogen-based fertilizers for higher nutrient use efficiency.

    Our inhibited fertilizers are designed to increase nutrients efficiency as well as to reduce losses and environmental impact.

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    NI / ENTEC®

    ENTEC®-fertilizers are nitrogenous mineral fertilizers containing the DMPP ammonium stabilizer, which raises Nitrogen efficiency. ENTEC®-fertilizers are available as nitrogen-sulfur fertilizers and as complex fertilizers on the basis of Nitrophos® / Nitrophoska®. High quality of the granules, guaranteeing problem-free storage and precise application.

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    UI / UTEC®

    UTEC® is urea fertilizer treated with urease inhibitor containing NBPT, which effectively reduces nitrogen loss in the form of gaseous ammonia, offsetting negative environmental factors as well as keeping nitrogen available for plants.

  • WSF A range of water-soluble fertilizers for efficient fertigation.

    A complete range of water-soluble fertilizers, free from impurities and designed to deliver a more effective fertigation process. For more information, please visit a dedicated website:

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    Aqualis® CN solub is the water-soluble calcium nitrate. It is a highly efficient source of calcium and nitrogen promptly available to plants. Free flowing granular product. Aqualis® CN Solub has less than 0.2% insoluble matter and thus does not cause any problems of clogging nozzles, irrigation lines or emitters.

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    Aqualis® MAP Solub is a fully water-soluble monoammonium phosphate fertilizer in the form of a non hygroscopic and free flowing, crystalline powder. It is a popular P fertilizer in fertigation programs. Chloride and sodium free. White, fully water-soluble free of residual contaminants or hazardous residues.

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    Aqualis@ SOP Solub – potassium sulfate – water-soluble K fertilizer. The small crystalline free flowing powder quickly dissolving in water with less than 0.5 % insoluble matter. It is the most concentrated chloride free source of potassium in the market, approved according to regulation (EC) 834/2007 and (EC) 889/2008 for use in organic farming systems.

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    Aqualis® UP Solub is water-soluble urea phosphate, designed for foliar or fertigation application, especially in alkaline conditions. The high acidity of UP Solub helps clean the irrigation system and prevents clogging, which is especially useful in hard water situations. Produced by Lifosa, Lithuania.

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    Aqualis® ENTEC® Solub fertilizer contain nitrification inhibitor, which reduces both nitrate leaching and the emission of nitrogen gases into the atmosphere, keeping more nitrogen available in soil for crop uptake.

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    Our water-soluble NPK fertilizers provide a balanced and complete supply of nutrients, with convenient tailor-made formulas adapted to each phase of crop development (for rooting, beginning of development, growth stimulation, fattening and ripening, etc.). Acidic character prevents irrigation system blockage and promotes assimilation of nutrients.

  • Feed Feed products.

    Our feed grade products are an essential part of poultry, cattle and swine production as well as aquaculture.

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    Defluorinated phosphate is a non-hydroscopic and free-flowing powder or granules, used as high-performance feed material for animal feed/premix production with a high concentration of soluble phosphorus form. Produced by Phosphorite, Russia and Lifosa, Lithuania.

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    A feed grade monocalcium phosphate is used in all animal feeds. Consistent quality and good solubility in citric acid and water makes it one of the best phosphorus and calcium sources recommended for use in concentrates, compound-, mineral- and other feed. Produced by Lifosa, Lithuania.